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Isn't Investing Just Gambling

Frequently I’d overhear friends talking about the next hot stock that they were planning on buying and how it was going to take off and make them lots of money. It’s no wonder 51% of Canadians agree that investing is like gambling according to a BlackRock survey. You have to buy the next big stock in order to reach your retirement or other goals…Well I’m here to tell you that’s not true, so you can relax and start thinking strategically with your money. I’m Susan Daley and this is Your Money, Your Choices. Let’s take a step back. If investing isn’t like gambling, what is it and why should we partake in it?

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Our economy consists of companies and governments who borrow your money (excess cash that you don’t need right now), and use that money to fund their business or projects. The return you get on your money is their cost of being able to access your savings. Say I want to start up my own cupcake store in Waterloo. In order to start my cupcake shop, I’ll need some money.

There are two main ways I can get this money (assuming my family isn’t a bunch of millionaires willing to give it to me for free…) The first way is through borrowing that money through debt. I can take out a loan. In return for loaning me this money, the bank or lender will get an annual return, say 5% until the loan is repaid. The second way is through equity.

My uncle has extra cash that he willing to invest. He’s tried my cupcakes and thinks they are fantastic and that my store is going to knock it out of the park. Rather than asking for a set interest rate on the loan, he is willing to provide the money for a share of the profits in return (which are going to be large, since my cupcakes are so awesome). In the public markets, anyone can loan companies or governments money in the form of debt. There are multiple terms for this in the finance world, including bonds, and fixed income. When you lend your money, you receive a fixed percentage return for that money you lent and receive the initial loan balance at maturity.

The interest you receive won’t be higher than what’s stated in the terms, but there isn’t a large chance that you’ll lose all your money. On the other hand, say Amazon needs money to launch their drone delivery service so they issue new shares to fund this project. You like Amazon, so take your extra cash and purchase some shares. When you buy shares, you are buying a piece of the company, and now own a little bit of it. As an owner of that company, you do well when Amazon does well and are eligible for a portion of their profits. You take a hit if Amazon’s profits start to fall and the company isn’t worth as much.

Now you might be thinking investing in Susan’s Cupcake shop, Amazon, or even bonds is risky. In general, buying shares of a company is more risky than buying their bonds simply because the debtholder has a legal obligation to pay you back. With shares, there is no obligation to pay a shareholder, and the company does not control what their shares are worth at any given time.

These individual corporations could go under at any time. If that happens, bond or fixed income holders are closer to the beginning of the queue to get their money, while shareholders are at the back of the line and are paid whatever is leftover once all other interested parties get their money. I know I just told you that you could lose some or all of your money if the company doesn’t do well. Isn’t that the same as gambling?

My answer is no. In order to be an investor, rather than a gambler, you need two things: 1. Time 2.

A reasonable expectation that the organization’s use of your money will create value. If you’re looking for a company to earn you a huge return in a short period of time, with little effort, then that’s gambling, since there is no time for value creation. There is still risk involved with investing, but it can be managed. Only investing in Susan’s Cupcake Shop is risky – what if no one likes my cupcakes, or what if I get a bad batch of flour and someone gets sick after eating one of them and as a result my business goes under. This is where diversification comes into play. Diversification is just a fancy word for not putting all your eggs in one basket to make sure you don’t lose everything.

I’ll cover diversification in more detail in a future video. In contrast to gambling, it isn’t the case in investing that when one person (or company) wins, the others lose. Because more people are buying GM cars doesn’t mean no one is buying Ford vehicles. Both companies in the same industry could (and often) do well at the same time. If you believe that companies will continue to operate in our economy (and others will emerge with new products and services) and earn profits, then you will earn a return on your money.

Unless the entire world economy goes bankrupt, you’ll be wealthier over the long-term (and long-term is the key word here). Investing is risky, so why should we invest in the first place? Because NOT investing is also risky. You heard that right.

It’s risky to not invest your money too. What do I mean by that? I’m going to leave you with that cliffhanger and explain what I mean in the next video. If you want to get notified when it comes out, subscribe and click the bell. I’m Susan Daley and this has been your money your choices.

LifeAfter | All Exploration Chest Locations! | Tips & Tricks

Hey bears, I am the Gaming-Grizzly and welcome to my exploration chest guide for LifeAfter! Ind this video I want to show you all the locations of the secret chests in fall Forest, Sand Castle and in the Snow Highlands. Some chests are a little bit harder to get, but I will give you some tips along the way that should help you to get all of them in no time!

If this video helps you out, I would really appreciate a faaat like, and please share it with all of your friends! if you have some tips for us feel free to leave a comment, and if you’Re new on my channel and you want to get more tips and tricks all around LifeAfter make sure to subscribe to the Gaming-Grizzly! Alright Alright Alright!

Let’s start with the Fall Forest Chest locations! 1. The first one is located at the bottom of minor Island 2. Right here you see an abandoned house in which you can often find zombie that you have to kill , a hunters suitcase box, but also the secret exploration chest. I already picked it up but it should be right here on the bed.

2. The second chest in fall Forest is located at the evacuation point on minor Island 2. You will find the chest if you go to the military tent in this place. Usually it is right on top of those boxes but since I already picked it up it is gone for me.

As you can see you will often find a material supply box in here as well. 3. The third secret chest can be found underneath the broken bridge that connects the minor Island 1 to the minor island 2. Whe n you go to this spot you will immediately see the broken bridge. All you have to do if you have to dive underneath the bridge and there you will find the chest. And yet again I already collected this chest, that’s the reason why it is not there.

4. The last chest on this map is in the pond. And I’ve seen a lot of players having trouble to find this chest. But no worries I have a tip for you how you will definitely find this one as well. First of all the chest is located at the top of the pond. you just have to dive in and if it’s there it’s quite easy to find.

But sometimes the chest isn’t there, so what you want to do if it’s not there is you want to open up your map and click on the top right icon to change your dimension. Keep in mind that this only works if your dimension is full. If you are able to change the dimension you will get the message – with fewer people in The Dimension there will be more resources that can be gathered. And that’s exactly what we want. So again if you can’t find the chest right of way just change your dimension.

Alright and that’s it for the Fall Forest, now you can claim your reward of 1000 gold bars and we can move on to the sand castle map. In sand Castle, we have to find 6 secret chests in total. 1. The first chest can be found at the pond near the mercenary camp.

It is pretty easy to find since the pond is not very deep. Just go to the location that I have shown on the map and you should be able to get this chest right away. 2.

The second chest can be found on the roofs of the buildings in the mercenary camp that is right next to the pond. This chest is actually a little bit more complicated to find because it is not at the same location for every player. This means that they’re actually three different spots on the roofs where you can find the chest. For me, the chest is right here, but if you can’t find the chest at this location just search on the rooftops of the buildings and you should be able to find the chest as well.

3. The next chest is a little bit more difficult to reach. Because this chest is located on top of the castle ruins in the middle of the map. Right here you will find a lot of mercenaries shooting at you but if you have a good armour you can easily rush through the enemies.

—– As soon as you reached the top of the Castle you will find the chest 4. Chest number four, on the other hand, is quite easy to reach you can find it at the Scientis HQ. As soon as you enter the HQ you have to ———— And there you go, the chest is right here. 5. This chest needs a little bit of explanation.

As you can see this chest is located right at a camp. For me the chest was at this camp, but I have seen a lot of other players finding this chest in the camp that is located right here. So if you can’t find the chest where I found it go and try to find it at the other camp. I am not absolutely sure if it’s only those two camps, but just in case you can’t find it at any of those camps, go and check out the other cams as well.

6. Last chest, chest number 6, can be found at the mercenary camp at the top of the map. Right here we have the same situation as we had it with chest number 2 at the mercenary camp at the pond. This chest is located on the rooftops of the buildings but there are three different spots where it could be. So if you don’t find the chest at the location where I found my chest just keep looking for your chest on the rooftops at this camp.

Alright and that’s it for the sand castle, now you can claim your reward of 1000 gold bars and we can move on to the snow highlands map. the snow Highlands exploration chests are very interesting to find, because most of them have different spawn locations, but I will guide you through them so you can find them easily. 1. The first chest is on top of a camps cabin , for me it was right here on top of this camp, but if you can find it check out the other camps as well. So the top of the little cabin, might look difficult to reach, but all you really need is an ammunition box that helps you to get there.

Just put it down somewhere close to the cabin and try reach the roof. It shouldn’t be too hard and as soon as you got it you can claim the chest, 2. The second chest is the military chest, this chest can be found at the imperial berracks on the right side of the map. For this chest I found two different spawn locations, but maybe there are more. A lot of people actually find this rxploration chest on top of those 2 military tents right in front of me, but if you can’t see it there take a look at the smaller tent that is located on the left side.

Because for me the chest was right in here. You have to be careful because sometimes the Mercenaries are shooting at you and then you cannot claim it. But if you sneak in you can easily get it. 3. The next chest can be found in a treehouse.

There are actually four different spots with treehouses in the snow Highlands, so if you don’t find the chest right here, try to check out the three other locations and you might eventually find it. As soon as you found the tree house all you have to do is climbing up the ladder and check out the outsides of the building. A lot of people think that the chest is located inside the treehouse. but it’s not. 4.

Then we have the chest that is located at the ice floes in the middle of the map. I already found this chest, but it is either located on the ice floes or in the river underneath the ice floes. So if you can find it right away just search for it, it should be somewhere there.

5. For the next one, we have to go up the river. This one is quite easy to find as well, we can just go alongside the river from the previous chest, and at one of the deepest spots of the river you will find it.

But keep in mind that you will probably lose some health, because you can’t hold your breath long enough to reach the chest, open it up, and get back to the surface. So don’t get this chest if you are low on health. 6. And we are already at the last chest, this one is located at the bridge that you can find at the top of the map. It has two different spawn locations, I saw a lot of players getting this chest right underneath the bridge on the left side. But for me it is underneath the bridge on the right side.

Make sure that the mercenaries on the bridge don’t see you, because they can deal a lot of damage. For me I just take the risk and run over the bridge to get my chest. And this one is actually the last one that we can find at the snow Highlands. Now all we have to do is to get our exploration reward of 1000 gold bars for the snow highlands. And that’s it for today’s video I really hope it helps you out and if so I would appreciate a faaat like, and please share it with all of your friends! if you have some tips for us feel free to leave a comment, and if you’Re new on my channel and you want to get more tips and tricks all around LifeAfter make sure to subscribe to the Gaming-Grizzly!

I hoope you all have a great day, and see you all in the next video! Bye byeeeee!

Building the Largest LEGO Technic Crane!

Today is the day. It’s finally happened…Mom, I’ve made it. I have a sponsored video with Lego. Look at the size of this thing.

It only took 600 videos worth of mentions to get it. “Just like a little Lego” “Clips like a little Lego” “Like a little Lego” “Lego style ribbon connector” “Both unsnap like little Legos” “Lego, Lego, Lego, Lego” The squeaky wheel gets the grease. I need an extra couple hands for this video. You might remember Cambry…she’s here to help.

[Cambry] Let’s get started. [Intro] So this is one of Lego’s bigger sets. This is called the Rough Terrain Crane, and it’s one of the Lego technics, which is a slightly more complex system of Legos. You know, for people older than just children.

With 4,000 pieces. We might…we might be here a while. So Cambry found what we think is the manual.

[Cambry] This is the first half, and this is the second half. [Zack] Look how thick that is. [Cambry] 79 pages of bag 1.

[Zack] We’re barely through step one, but we already have some pretty intricate designs going. And I’m not sure how this all fits together just yet, but all of these little different parts that we’re building just snap in together like a little Lego. Okay, let’s keep going.

[Music] [Zack] Like a little Lego. So we’ve been at it for about 2 hours or so. This is the first instruction booklet and we are this far into it. But it’s been fun!

I feel like it doesn’t feel like it’s been 2 hours. [Cambry] I lost track of time. We’ve done 143 steps…144! I’m pretty proud of this.

It’s big but it’s going to be like 10 times this size so I’m excited to see what it looks like finished. [Zack] Not exactly sure where this goes in the whole scheme of things, but it should all come together in the next couple hours. On to step number 2. There are the bags we need there.

So this right here, I’m assuming is the front portion of the crane. So we have this gear right here which turns the steering. And the wheels will be attached on either side here. And as the wheels are spinning, you can see the gears inside as kind of like a differential, so if one wheel…let’s say this wheel up here has stopped spinning, the other one can still function all by itself, and they can work independently of each other. That’s the purpose of a differential, all those gears in the little housing right there. Pretty sweet.

[Music] [Zack] Okay, so it might not look like we’ve accomplished much with the bags, there are still a lot more steps left. We just finished number 4, but the cool part is we just mounted this motor and you can see the individual pistons right there inside. So as the motor turns, you can see the pistons moving, here’s the fan in front. But you can also see where the wheels mount right here.

They are turning as the motor pumps. [Music] [Zack] Okay, so we’ve been here for about 7 hours working on this Lego project, and we’ve gotten pretty far. It doesn’t quite look like a crane yet. This is what it’s supposed to look like.

This is where we’re at right now. [Cambry] It’s kind of like a huge jig saw puzzle. And I think we’ve made it through half the pieces, but the last couple of pieces are probably going to be the trickiest because they are all the same color. [Zack] What’s nice though is that we have these two massive books and they’re pretty detailed. This is the first book that we’re in, and we haven’t gotten to that second book yet. [Cambry] Yeah, even though we’re not through the first book, I think we’re still probably halfway there just because by the time you get to the second book, you have less steps, less pictures because you’re adding on to the whole structure.

[Zack] So after work on this for 7 hours, it’s definitely not like a difficult project, but it is very intricate and it keeps your mind and your hands active the whole time, which brings me to one of my favorite quotes that I’ve ever heard by Harrison Ford: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning is young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” And I think building one of these Lego technic projects is a way to keep your mind active and keep your mind young. The wheels feel like they’re pretty heavy duty rubber, so it should be interesting when we see them finally on the whole contraption.

[Zack] We’re making progress. So when you turn this little knob in the back, it rotates all 4 tires at the same time. Also, fun little fact, as it’s rolling forward and backward, you can see the pistons inside of the engine pistoning…firing! Firing is the word!

[Cambry] We’re done with book number one! [Zack] Heck yeah. [Cambry] Onto number two. [Zack] So one interesting thing that translates into real life construction equipment and traffic cones are these indicators.

So if you see, when they go on a piece of construction equipment like so, they indicate by slanting down which direction you should walk or which direction you should drive your car to avoid the dangerous obstacles in the middle. So it’s nice to see that Lego is translating these real life stickers onto their project. Alright, this is day three, hour…how many hours have we been doing this?

[Cambry] I think 11. [Zack] 11 hours. And we should be able to finish today.

We’re on step 10 and a half. [Cambry] Just to be clear, we’re halfway through step 10. There’s no 10 and a half. [Zack] So on this crane there is some powered movement and it looks like it’s all powered off with this one motor back here using a couple different switches like this guy right here, switching, you know, to drop the legs down or to raise the boom. And this motor connects to this battery pack right here. If you remember those old school Lego Mindstorms, it has the same style of connector.

There are these little metal bits inside of the Lego plug, and when it connects right here, the whole thing is powered, and you can go forward and reverse. So it will be interesting to see how all of the gears and contraptions inside of this Lego technic set work together when the motor and the battery pack are working. So we’re about to install the lift cable. So it’s powered on right now, we have the battery pack here, the motor and then this right here is a switch. So we’re going to bring that over to the side. This right here is a switch, so we’re going to bring that back.

(Small Electric Motor Sounds) And now the battery is on and we’re reeling the line in on this spool all automatically. What’s cool is that you can see all the gears turning inside, and I imagine if I were to switch this, it would now drop the lever out and and unspool the spool. Pretty sweet.

Is this is the part you’ve been waiting for? [Cambry] Yeah, this is the part I’ve been waiting for because there is a whole lot of red, and I think it’s going to be more challenging to put it all together when it’s all one color. [Zack] So we’re done with step number 10 and we have the whole base…the whole base put up. And I think now we’re going to build the arm for the crane itself.

So still like the interior stuff, but it should still…it should look much more like a crane when we’re done with it. So we’re 12 hours into it on step 11. [Music playing] [Zack] Cambry right now is wiring up the cable. [Cambry] Attempting to.

[Zack] There’s a series of pulleys that she’s threading it through. Alright, so three hours later we finally have the arm of the crane done. Going all the way down. [Cambry] Okay, now lift it back up. [Zack] Instruction at it’s finest. [Cambry] All-terrain.

[Zack] We are currently on step 967, and we will be adding some exterior, some clothing, to the crane. [Music playing] [Zack] Ha ha! Its working! (Music) Now that we’ve finished one of these, I kind of want the whole fleet of construction equipment. They do some pretty cool stuff.

(Electric Motor Sounds) Alright, we are finished. How many days…how many days did that take us? [Cambry] 17 hours. 5 days.

[Zack] But it was worth it. 17 hours of entertainment. [Cambry] A week of Lego.

It had 1,170 steps. [Zack] But the steps were very detailed. If this fell apart right now, I don’t think I’d be able to reconstruct it, but with the step by step instructions, it did make it a lot easier. If I do this again, the crane is pretty sweet and the other construction equipment, but Lego also had a few cars.

One is a Blue Bugatti which I think would be awesome to construct. So if you do end up buying one of these Lego technic sets, the price factors into the entertainment of building it, as well as having something afterwards you get to play with and have like as a piece of art. It’s kind of like educational entertainment.

If you’re interested in seeing what kind of Lego technic sets Lego has to offer, I’ll put a link down in the description. Let me know in the comments which one you think is coolest and which one you think I should do next. I’m kind of leaning towards the Bugatti.

Maybe I can talk Cambry into coming over for that one. [Cambry] It looks cool. [Zack] If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. [Cambry] I think we deserve some like ice cream or something.

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you around. [Zack] Nope!

Also not how we do it. [Cambry] What is it? Thanks a ton for watching.

We’ll see you around.

Unexpected Horror In Games

It’s unknown how exactly Zero was reincarnated, but two things are certain; he’s back and he is pissed. Taking on the appearance of a fallen angel, complete with a halo and red wings, 02 actually cries blood in his concept art, and small splotches of what appears to be blood come out of his eye with every hit it takes. This is the first and only appearance of blood in a Kirby game, and it definitely gets the impact it was looking for. After his defeat, 02 and the Dark Matter deteriorate into nothing, and are finally vanquished for good. However, Dark Matter recently starting seeping back into the games in Planet Robobot… Perhaps Zero will return as 03 someday…? The Zombies from Conker’s Bad Fur Day While not exactly what you’d call a “kids” game, Conker’s Bad Fur Day is still not the kind of game where you’d expect to be legitimately scared. It’s a mostly raunchy and comedic adventure, taking jabs at Rare’s usual cutesy gameworlds as seen in Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, complete with googly eyes on damn near everything.

However, things get a little spooky whenever you enter the aptly named “spooky” chapter. In this chapter, Conker travels to his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Count Batula’s mansion. An angry village mob soon arrives at the front door, revealing that Count Batula is a vampire. Shocker. Conker and Batula team up, and put the villagers into a grinder, killing them and feeding their blood directly to the Count. Eventually the Count becomes so overweight, and ends up falling into the grinder himself, killing him. Afterwards, Conker is left alone in the mansion, when suddenly the dead rise to attack. These Zombies are presumably the remains of the villagers from earlier in the night, and are actually quite frightening. They have unpleasant gurgling moaning noises, and feature bloody and decaying flesh all over their bodies, in addition to a rotting eyeball hanging from their eye socket. Soon enough, the mansion is full of them and the only way out is through them. Like many Zombies throughout different forms of media, these Zombies can only be killed with a shot to the head The gameplay switches to a third-person shooter for this segment, completing the whole ‘Resident Evil’ feeling this chapter oozes.

Again, while not a children’s game, let’s not pretend like we didn’t all play, or at least try to play this game when we were younger. I guess this level put us back in our places, running back to our Super Mario 64s and Banjo-Kazooies. Although they had their fair share of scares too, so it looks like nowhere is safe. The Moon From Majora’s Mask Honestly, we could fill an entire list of entries just from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The game has no shortage of absolutely horrifying characters, from the Skull Kid, to the Happy Mask Salesman to the Majora’s Mask itself. But for now, we’re going to be looking at the one character who is with you for your entire journey. The constant reminder that looms over your head to make sure you know that time is running out, and everyone you know will be dead soon. The Moon from Majora’s Mask makes sure you feel rushed and panicked everytime you look up in the sky as he gets closer and closer with each passing day. Visible from just about every outdoor area in the game, the Moon slowly creeps down towards Termina until the third and final day where it makes impact with the ground and kills everyone.

Furthermore, the Moon has a constant look of pure anger as it stares down at you. It’s unclear if this is the actual moon from the sky, or an original creation made by the Majora’s Mask. It is rather strange how small it is compared to the actual moon in other Zelda games, but this could be explained by Termina being a in different dimension from Hyrule. There is no mention of the Triforce or Zelda in Termina afterall. Towards the beginning of the game, a gem falls from the Moon, called the Moon’s Tear. Did this thing cry? Could it be possible that the Moon doesn’t want this? Is it being forced down to the ground against its will? Is it even sentient? These are all questions that have no answers, and perhaps its best that they remain unanswered. Despite its obvious rocky exterior, the final area of the game takes place on the surface of the Moon, depicted as a sunny meadow with a single large tree in the middle. Butterflies float about as four masked children run around the tree, with a lone child wearing the Majora’s Mask sitting underneath the tree. The Moon is truly an enigma in the world of Termina. Early screenshots of the game show a faceless moon, with the ugly face we’ve come to fear being added in later. Well, it certainly made those short three days feel a lot shorter, so I guess the face got the job done. Let’s be thankful that the Moon doesn’t have a face in any other Zelda game. Or in real life for that matter.


Scary Adventure Games

The Killer Piano has only appeared in Super Mario 64 and its DS remake. While it did make cameos in both Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 8, it was luckily detained behind the invisible walls of the game boards. Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time Unlike the Mario series, The Legend of Zelda is a bit more realistic… well, as realistic a Nintendo game can be. Having said that, scary moments were a bit more commonplace in the series by the time that Ocarina of Time was released, such as the Wallmasters from A Link to the Past. However, no amount of creepy pixelated hands could prepare you for this disgusting mess of polygons. In the second half of the game, Link must venture through south africa online casinos accepting ecopayz system beneath Kakariko Village.

This sewer system is full of corpses and enormous spiders, which really gets even worse when you realize that the entire town has been drinking corpse water this entire time. But anyways, towards the end of this mini-dungeon, you enter a small room with what appears to be long, bloody pale arms sticking out of the ground. Getting too close to investigate causes them to grab you by the head, revealing the horrifying Dead Hand to rise from the ground! Dead Hand is hands-down one of the most disturbing enemies in the entire Zelda series. It appears to be a mass of flabby flesh covered in patches of dried blood, slowly crawling towards you as it’s horrendously long hands, complete with overgrown red fingernails, pins you down so it can gnaw at you with its gaping large mouth. Eventually, Link is able to overcome the abomination and gains the Lens of Truth. However, even after it is killed, its body does not disappear like most other enemies in the game. Instead, its body lays there, convulsing as if rigor mortis is setting in. It’s insane how much they went out of their way to make this one enemy so goddamn horrifying.

It appears that Dead Hand was somewhat censored in the 3DS remake, having less bloody patches on its body. However, now it just looks like a big blob of flabby skin. You either need to go all the way with this guy, or not at all. There’s no in-between for Dead Hand. O2 from Kirby 64 Despite its cute and cuddly exterior, the Kirby series has some seriously fucked up enemies. From Marx Soul in Kirby Super Star to Star Dream in Kirby Planet Robobot, it seems they try to outdo themselves in every game by having the most unexpectedly terrifying final boss to appear in a game about a cute pink marshmallow. Today, however, we’ll be looking at perhaps the most well-known final boss of the Kirby series, and possibly the creepiest. Zero first appeared in the Super Nintendo title ‘Kirby’s Dreamland 3’ as the true final boss. Virtually nothing was known about him at the time other than the fact that he is the creator of Dark Matter, the final boss from Kirby’s Dreamland 2.