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Video Poker Strategy

The importance of understanding pay schedules:
Learning to read pay schedules can save you as much money as learning to play proper strategy. Changing one of the payouts only one coin in DW can cost you $40 per hour. For the new player saving money by selecting a high pay schedule is much easier than learning proper strategy. Learning proper strategy is important, but finding a high pay schedule only requires that you carry a copy in your pocket. There’s nothing to learn.

Jacks or Better Strategy
Hand Payout Frequency Probability Occurs Return
ROYAL FLUSH 4000 64.23 0.002% 40,465.96 1.98%
STRAIGHT FLUSH 200 281.63 0.011% 9,228.21 0.43%
4 OF A KIND 100 6,088.44 0.234% 426.87 4.69%
FULL HOUSE 45 29,663.43 1.141% 87.61 10.27%
FLUSH 30 28,190.80 1.085% 92.19 6.51%
STRAIGHT 25 39,655.46 1.526% 65.54 7.63%
3 OF A KIND 15 190,151.38 7.316% 13.67 21.95%
TWO PAIR 10 329,391.24 12.674% 7.89 25.35%
JACKS OR BETTER 5 539,478.87 20.757% 4.82 20.76%
NOTHING 0 1,435,994.50 55.253% 1.81 0.00%
Total Return
99.5599% 19.00444
Jacks or Better (Full Pay – 9/6)
1 Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Flush
2 4 to a Royal
3 Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House
4 4 to a Straight Flush – open
5 Two Pair
6 High Pair
7 3 to a Royal Flush
8 4 to a Flush
10 Low Pair
11 89TJ,9TJQ
12 9TJs, 9JQs
13 4 to a Straight – open
14 8JQs
15 3 to a Straight Flush – open
16 9TQs, 8TJs, 89Js, 9QKs, 9JKs
17 QJs
19 KQs, KJs, AKs, AQs, AJs
20 4 to a Straight – inside, 3 high cards
21 3 to a Straight Flush – inside, 2 gaps, 1 high card
22 3 to a Straight Flush – inside, 1 gap, 0 high cards
23 JQK
24 QJ
25 JTs
26 KQ, KJ
27 QTs
28 AK, AQ, AJ
29 KTs
30 High Card
31 3 to a Straight Flush – inside, 2 gaps, 0 high cards
32 Redraw
Progressive: Using full pay strategy

Using full pay strategy for progressives 
Here are the returns for games that have reached 100%, 101%, and 102%. These returns assume that the game is played using the correct strategy for that % return game. When the game is played using strategy for a 4,000 coin royal flush the return is almost always lower.

The TomSki Index – The TomSki Index (TSI) is a tool to help determine the attractiveness of alternative video poker opportunities. It relies on a concept known as Certainty Equivalence. (CE) to determine the risk-free alternative to a gambling proposition.


Online Gambling News

Media Man Australia and Casino News Media report Virgin’s iGaming arm, Virgin Games aka Virgin Casino, is enjoying a huge comeback which can be attributed to a number of reasons.

New Virgin Games players now receive a 100% sign up bonus, which is of course double the original 50%!

New Virgin Games online slot releases include Battleship – Search & Destroy and MegaJackpots Cleopatra®. Cleopatra and Cleopatra II have long been the most popular games available on Virgin Casino and the merging with the mega popular MegaJackpots® has been an international big hit. Rumours are circulating that Dungeons and Dragons: Fortress of Fortunes will also soon be added to the already awesome Virgin Games portfolio.

Virgin boss, Richard Branson was recently spotted talking shop (or was it small talk? .. unlikely) at the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix with none other than Australian casino king, James Packer, head of Crown Casino and a number of other casino and lifestyle businesses.

Media and iGaming analyst, Greg Tingle, has long gone on record stating that these two gentlemen might do well to get their heads together and offer a 5 star plus package for the casino whales of the world. They could pick up where Donald Trump dropped the ball. Branson’s V Australia and his Virgin empire coupled with Packer’s group of casinos in Melbourne, Perth, Macau, Las Vegas and elsewhere, would appear to be an excellent match. Branson is of course a fan of news media coverage whilst Packer has proved to be more media shy. Perhaps that may change if the two were to team up on a win – win venture combining the best of air travel, casinos and accommodation. It could be packaged as an ultimate travel and lifestyle experience for the whale who demands the best! The next best thing to space travel, another dynamic offering from Virgin Enterprises Limited. Tingle has wasted no time in showcasing the photo of Branson and Packer talking shop on the Media Man Australia website and has advised “We’re keen to be pro actively involved in a Virgin – Crown campaign, given our proven track record with Virgin Games, Virgin Unite, air travel bookings and casino lifestyle campaigns”.

Tingle is the former manager and agent for Crown Casino poker trainer and commenter, Keith “Bendigo” Sloan, so stranger things have happened. In what appears to be a strategic move Tingle has also registered Casino Travel Tourism and looks to be building his own World Casino Directory, a move tipped to compete with the original world famous online casino portal.

More details as they come to hand.